Absentee Bids:

Acceptance of Absentee Bids for those who cannot attend our auctions in person is possible. There is no extra charge for this service. This is how it works:

You decide the maximum amount you are willing to bid on each item you are interested in. On auction day, a member of our staff will bid against the room bidders on your behalf, up to your maximum, just as if you were there in person. Note: unlike many auction houses, we do NOT simply start the bidding off at your maximum amount, we think this practice is grossly unfair. Our absentee bidders quite often successfully buy items at much less than their maximum bids, equally they are often outbid by people in the room - that is the nature of auctions!

We can pack and ship items worldwide at reasonable costs, or of course you are welcome to come and collect after the auction or arrange your own shipping. If you would like an idea of costs, please get in touch with the items you are interested in, so you can factor this in to your maximum bids.

We charge 10% buyers premium on top of the final hammer price - so again factor that in to your maximum bid.

When you have decided on your maximum bids, you need to send us an email with your contact details, and the maximum bids you wish to place. You will also need to deposit 10% of the total amount of all your maximum bids into our bank account BEFORE the auction. EG: if you wish to bid a maximum of £100 on one item, and £50 on a second item, your total of maximum bids is £150, and so you need to send a deposit of £15.
We can also take a deposit from your debit card - if you do not want to give your card details in an email, then email us your bids with your contact details (the address the card is registered at) including a contact number and we will call you back to take a deposit.


Obviously if you are successful, the deposit is used in part payment, and we require the remainder on the Monday following the auction. If you are not successful, we simply return your deposit to you. Please note, we ONLY accept direct bank-to-bank payments (or you can pay cash in to our account over the counter at your local branch) - we do NOT accept paypal or anything of the sort. Direct bank-to-bank transfers are the safest possibly means of you paying a deposit, and us refunding you as the funds are fully traceable by both our banks from both ends in the event of any problems.

Note that making a bid is entering into a legally binding agreement to buy the item (if your bid is successful) with all faults etc., you cannot "change your mind" like buying an item from a shop. Our standard terms and conditions of sale are here by which you are bound.

Our bank details are:

Bank: Barclays Bank Plc
Account: Elephant House Auctions
Sort Code: 20-60-38
Account no: 63858103

for international bids:
IBAN: GB58 BARC 2060 3863 8581 03

If you need any further information, please get in touch via the contact page.