Lot 52 : Very Rare Herophon Organette
We sold this lot for £700 in October 2016

The Herophon was the largest and most sophisticated of the late 19th Century German organettes. Unlike all the other 'disc' format instruments, the Herophon's whole mechanism rotates around the static disc, producing a loud and strident tone. This example is rare in as much as it still retains the stunning lithographic images of German and Austrian composers on the disc table, which are usually badly worn. This instrument has undergone a full and costly overhaul including bellows and reeds and produces an astonishingly clear and musical tone to rival most small barrel organs. Comes with 9 very rare metal reinforced discs. Rare opportunity to acquire one of the most interesting organettes ever made. See the video - please bear in mind it was recorded with a tiny inbuilt microphone which doesn't really do this wonderful instrument justice