Lot 60 : Dalek Re-creation
We sold this lot for £4,900 in October 2017

Stunning full size re-creation of the most famous sci-fi baddie of them all!
Ccommissioned in 1992 for the Juke Box Shop in Lye, Sourbridge, designed and built by well known restorer of vintage cars and motorcycles in Birmingham without regard to cost. It took over a year to complete having been slavishly copied from a BBC original, owned by a celebrity customer of the Juke Box Chop. All the molds and materials were painstakingly designed and fabricated making it the closest thing you could ever get to an original, one of which recently made £40,000 including premium in a Derby auction room.
This was used was used at the big jukebox shows for a few years, but Stuart Compton, MD or the shop said: "it was fantastic at the shows and did create a lot of attention... but to be honest it started to get more interest than the machines, and the point was to sell those not the Dalek!"
So it was "retired" about 15 years ago where it was a well known and much admired / photographed local icon in the store window in Lye High Street.
Rare opportunity to acquire easily the best available re-creation, probably much better built than the originals in fact! This is so easy and nimble to drive over smooth and rough surfaces, with moving weapons, rotating dome, and built in voice modulator with syncronised lights and headset microphone for the operator. It is very easy to get in and out of without assistance, the top being hinged at the waistline.
Also comes with battery charger (recent new battery) and also an additional interchangeable static base (on small castors) meaning the 2-piece body can be removed from the motorised chassis and refitted to the static base in just a couple of minutes to enable it to be easily moved around for display purposes when it is not required to actually be operated.
Fantastic fund-raising opportunity for events etc.
Don't miss it!

See the video... but please excuse Billy who was driving... bless 'im !!