Results of Auction of Horrors II ~ Sunday 7th April 2013

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Black Death Vodka T-Shirt
rare! - these were only issued to bar owners who bought lots of product!



Mephistopheles Walking Cane
Victorian wooden walking cane with carved Mephistopheles head



Rare WWII Gas Mask Instruction Poster
approx 40 x 27 inches in very nice original condition



Bombs Enamel Sign
approx 12 x 8 inches



Bear Skin



Taxidermy Freak : Rolo the World's Longest Rabbit
the vendor, a collector of Fairground Artefacts, bought Rolo many years ago from a relative of a showland family. Legend has it that Rolo originally performed as some sort of live 'Rabbit Roulette' in a circular hoopla type stall where the punters would bet on what segment of a large circular table Rolo would go to for his next piece of carrot when released from a central revolving cage!
The showman known as 'Taffy Smith' had lost all his teeth from eating toffee every day since he was a child, and when the Rolo toffees first came out in 1937, the long thin tube of what rapidly become his favourite toffees (as they were nice and soft for his toothless mouth!) reminded him so much of his beloved Rabbit (who's original name is unknown), that Taffy renamed the Rabbit 'Rolo'.
When he died, the Rabbit Roulette ceased, but Taffy exhibited the stuffed Rolo in a little booth as the 'World's Longest Rabbit' for a while just before the War.
Case measures 28 x 12 x 8 inches - Rolo is one loooooong Rabbit!



Veiled Top Hat
from the Circus of Horror's wardrobe



Cute Gothic Gargoyle Creature Sculpture



Victorian Travelling Microscope
quality brass instrument in a velvet lines mahogany travelling case.



Pair Gothic Iron Candle Stands



Gothic Style Glass & Steel Coffee Table
the glass top approx 39 x 20 inches on a decorative silver/black painted steel base with scroll and ball details



Punch & Judy & Policeman Puppets






Fairground Ghost Train Car
in the form of a skull from a fairground ghost train ride. Complete with motor and running gear. Approx overall size of chassis 60 x 44 inches and approx height of 36 inches.



Freak Photo of Lobster Boy
framed and glazed photo of "sideshow freak" Lobster Boy



Framed Cannibal Poster
approx 27 x 17 inches



Freak Photo - Fanny Mills
framed and glazed photo of "sideshow freak" Fanny Mills, born with a beautiful face and giant feet, who came with a dowry of $5000 cash and a "well stocked farm" in Ohio from her desperate father, to any single men willing to take her as bride.






Silver 3-fold Room Screen



Steel Tree Candelabra
fabulous large hand-worked steel candelabra. Cost over £500 some years ago. Approx 72 inches high x 30 inches wide.



Harry Potter Cinema Standee
from the first film approx 76 inches tall



Set of 4 Skulls
small skull ornaments with rhinestone eyes. Approx 2 inches high.



Taxidermy: Albino Blackbird
a rare freak Albino (white) blackbird mounted on a model human skull



Taxidermy: Sudanese Kaskara in Crocodile Sheath
nice Sudanese Kaskara (sword) the blade engraved in Sanskrit with passages from the Koran in a full baby Crocodile sheath. Blade measuring approx 34 inches.



Needle Through Arm Trick
including instructions and supply of 'skin'



Hannibal Hellmurto's World Record Swallowed Coat Hangers & Signed Newspaper Article
on 21st March 2013, Hannibal Hellmurto broke his own world-record by swallowing and bending in his throat 7 wire coat hangers in under a minute! - Watch the video!
Comes with a newspaper article from the Jersey newspaper that Hannibal has signed, and Hannibal will be at the auction to personally present the hangers to the lucky buyer, pose for photographs etc. A very bizarre auction lot indeed!



Scouts In Bondage Book
written by Geoffrey Prout. Possibly the most politically incorrect title ever for a book?



Waxwork : Wax Ladies Head
ex Tussauds and in good condition.



Hannibal Hellmurto's near-death Neon Sword
A lit neon sword represents perhaps the pinacle of any sword-swallor's repetoire. It is difficult to think of anything more dangerous to try and swallow. The video link shows Hannibal Hellmurto swallowing this neon sword, which has a blade length of just over 20 inches!
In October 2011, the Curse of the Devil Doll (lot 666 in this auction) struck again live on stage at the Circus of Horrors' Bradford show during Hannibal's sword-swallowing act. This neon sword, made of a bent glass tube filled with mercury and powered by 3,000 Volts (yes, that's three thousand volts!) ripped a hole in Hannibal's oesophagus, putting him in intensive care for a month and being kept alive on drips and tubes, as he couldn't eat or drink anything whilst the injury had to be left to heal itself naturally.
Perhaps wisely, Hannibal has now decided to part with his neon sword. The sword comes with special extra long high-voltage cables enabling the 3000v power supply to be hidden in the wings of the stage. All contained in its original wooden travelling trunk.
Hannibal will be at the auction to personally autograph the sword and pose for a picture or two with the lucky buyer, and also to advise you not to even think about trying to do what he does for a living!!
SAFETY NOTE: The neon sword will be lit up and working at the auction, but like all electrical items, due to health and safety etc. we have to sell it as a non-working display item only. By buying you agree to have it tested by a suitably qualified electrician before use... and of course, we don't advise anyone to try swallowing it!



H R Giger's Alien Costume
full size rubber Alien costume. Comprises four parts: Legs with shoulder straps, Torso and arms, Head, Tail. You need to be very tall to wear this! - the actors in the original Alien film were apparently basket-ball players... Note that the model who wore the costume for our photos is 5'10" tall, hence the Alien looks a bit out of proportion from its more recognised towering stance in the films.
This and another similar costume was bought through one of the big auction houses around 15 years ago. The buyer kept one and had it mounted on a steel armature with the joints in the costume glued together and then all foam filled. He sold the other (this one) to the current vendor who has held it in store untouched ever since. The top of the shoulders have suffered some damage in the form of perish splits where it has been hanging for some time, it being rather heavy, but appears not to have any parts missing, and could no doubt be carefully restored. Offered with no Reserve Very rare opportunity.