Results of Auction of Horrors II ~ Sunday 7th April 2013

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Taxidermy: Large Puffer Fish Lamp
unusually large puffer fish turned into a lamp.



Small Electric Shock Machine



4 Stone Effect Gothic Gargoyles
lightweight moulded plastic with effective hand painted weathered stone finish



Pair Gothic Style Glass & Steel Side Tables
the glass tops approx18 inches square on a decorative silver/black painted steel base with scroll and ball details



Freak Photo - Jojo
framed and glazed photo of "sideshow freak" of JoJo, "The Russian Dog Face Boy" He was one of the most successful performers of his day.



Taxidermy: Fox Head
mounted on an oak shield



Freak Photo of Sophia Shultz
framed and glazed photo of "sideshow freak" Sophia Schultz the Dwarf Fat Lady. Sometime during the 1880s, she began to grow facial hair.



3 Prop Gravestones



Transylvanian Landscape Painting
well executed original painting professionally framed and glazed



Howling Warewolf Painting
well executed original painting professionally framed and glazed



The Gallows Inn Pub Sign
nicely executed double sided hand painted pub sign with spooky scene of a hanged man. Approx 38 x 41 inches.



Double Rams Head Chandelier



Copper Hunting Horn



Vintage Electric Shock Machine
in nice condition



Large Oak Crucifix
removed from a church. Approx 60 x 33 inches overall, the solid oak being of just under 3x2 inches in section.



Psalms Board
lovely orignal oak Psalms board ex Church - approx 36 x 15 inches - would make good menu board or photo display?



Vintage Headphones
would look great with your steampunked ipod!



Hypnosis Instruction Book



Animated Monster Head Bowl
battery operated and motion sensing... scary!



Haunted House Fairground Panel
nicely painted fairground panel depicting a shrouded skeleton



Grave Gaurdian Props
approx 3ft high



Otter Skin



Vintage Leather Horse Collar



Vintage Leather Muzzle
perfect for a re-invention as a very scary looking horror mask!



Quantity of Small Magic Tricks etc.



Ventriloquist Doll : Adolf the Cursed Devil Doll
The Circus of Horror's 2011-12 tour was called "The Ventriloquist", and featured the Doll as a character in the show.
During the tour, a number of freak events and accidents convinced the cast and crew that the Doll was cursed. It started with vehicles that carried the Doll unexpectedly blowing up, but just a week into the tour in October 2011, things took a serious turn for the worse. During the show in Bradford, there was a sequence where the Doll appeared to be brought to life by the aid of a Tesla Coil, which lit up Hannibal Helmurto's neon sword for him to swallow. This is regarded as the most dangerous of all sword-swallowing stunts, as quite apart from the sword being powered by 3,000 Volts of electricity, it is made of glass and filled with a mercury compound; if it shatters inside the body, death is inevitable. Thankfully the neon tube didn't shatter, but it did rip a hole in Hannibal's oesophagus, leading him to being rushed into intensive care for a month, being kept alive on tubes and drips as he could not eat or drink anything until the rip repaired itself. The neon sword is also for sale in this auction (Lot 86).
During this period more vehicles inexplicably broke down, each time it was always the vehicle carrying the Doll. Then in early 2012, a minibus carrying half the cast (and the Doll) broke down and veered off the road in a very remote area. The cast all managed to jump out safely, but when they looked inside the window, they found the Doll sat bolt-upright in the back seat, whereas he had been lying down before! This led to mutiny, with everything else that had gone on, many of the cast simply refused to travel in the same vehicle as the Doll, and two Spanish Catholics left shortly afterwards.
Many of the cast and crew wanted Dr Haze to burn the Doll in order to destroy the curse. He was very tempted. However, instead he used it as inspiration to write the 2012-13 show "The Curse of the Devil Doll", in which Adolf featured again, the strangest twist of all was that this tour, which finished at the end of March 2013, became the Circus of Horror's most successful show in 17 years. It seems as though Adolf may have revelled in his starring role.
Comes with tour brochures in which he features. Dr Haze will be at the auction to personally sign the brochures and/or the Devil Doll to whoever dares take Adolf home!
So... only one question now remains... who will be brave enough to give Adolf the cursed Devil Doll a new home in his retirement from tormenting the cast of the Circus of Horrors?