Results of Auction of Horrors ~ Sunday 7th October 2012

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Penetration Frame
Don't know much about this one, but it's probably pre-war or just after. Appears that it should have a sheet of glass through which knives or swords or similar would penetrate. Glass missing, otherwise appears complete.



Small Guillotine
Made for wrist chopping, In good working order. No idea who made it or when, probably 1960's.



Magician Cast Iron Money Box



2 pairs Torturer's Tongs
actually hand-forged Victorian Blacksmith's tools, but could easily pass as torturer's equipment!



Vintage Animal Trap



Carnival of The Bizarre Poster
rare poster featuring acts from the Circus of Horrors, signed by Doktor Haze



Circus of Horrors does Ladyboys!
Just prior to is appearance on Britain's Got Talent, the Circus of Horrors performed a one-off show as 'The Carnival of the Bizarre' inside the 'Lady Boys of Bangkok' tent at the Brighton Festival, this is a very rare poster from that show. Normally Carnival of the Bizarre shows are limited to Universities.



Rare Circus of Horrors 'Easy Jet' Poster from 1999
ultra rare poster produced as an 'Easy Jet' spoof. These were put up around Camden in 1999. Easyjet actually claimed that people were ringing them up trying to buy 1 way tickets to Transylvania!



Stage Illusion: Jack Hughes Portable Sawing Lady in Half
This is the rare original version, before the electric jig saw version that is more commonly seen. It uses a wide saw with detachable blade. Folds up into a neat carrying case. Good condition. Rare collectors item, possibly unique.



Pair of Large Flame Lights
custom made silk flame effect lights with hanging chains. Each approx 36 inches tall



6 Large Hanging Vampires
each approx 30 inches long with bendable claws to grip and hang. (6)



Original Printers Proofs from 4 Chapters of Hell
this is the original set of proofs from the the 4 Chapters from Hell tour, signed by Doktor Haze



Giant 2-Man Saw
with framed prints of a similar saw in the Prague Torture Museum and of one being used in a mediaeval torture.



Vintage Axe



Witch's Chair Prop
with spell books etc.



2012-2013 Circus of Horrors Print Proofs
Whole set of proofs for the new 'Curse' tour of the Circus of Horrors, all differant sizes, these are a one-off item, some never made it to the printing press and so won't ever be seen in print.



Vintage Optiscope in Tin Box



Wooden Pillory
full size working pillory of solid wooden construction. Approx 68x42 inches.



Ghost Train Entranceway
comprising 3 painted panels



Collection approx 40 Rare Magicians Photographs
Some are very rare probably one-offs, some are publicity shots. These were mounted on a board at Harry Stanley's famous magic shop in central London for many years. Some were able to be pulled away from the sticky plastic fronting, the yellow ones were not and the yellow is cigarette smoke staining from decades of magicians visiting Harry's store, which could be restored by an expert. They include: Chan Canasta, Blackstone Sr, Jay Marshall, Slydini, Neil Foster, Marconick, Billy Mc Comb, Johnnie Hart and many more. A unique and important collection.



Animal Skin Rug



3 Prop Gravestones
another 3 gravestones just over 2 feet high



7 Gothic Lead Lights
6 of one design, 1 similar design, some requring restoration.



6 Gothic Iron Candle Stands
each approx 27 inches high.



Pair of Animal Horns
from a travelling oddities show



Gothic Stained Glass Panel
approx 46x22 inches



Brass Compass
in brass gimball mount in a mahogany box with sliding wooden lis and glass base



Stained Glass Panel
in wooden frame approx 58x16 inches overall



Leather Pouch
with various pockets etc.



Giant Papier Mache Pumpkin