Results of Auction of Horrors VIII ~ Sunday 9th October 2016

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Ronnie Kray Watercolour
stamped on the back with H M Prison Parkhurst stamp and Ronnie's number 327415, with copy of the application by brother Reggie for the release of '22 various paintings'



3 x Carved Bone Chess Pieces



2 x Opera Glasses, one Silver
silver one hallmarked for B.H. Joseph & Co. of Birmingham, 1892, the other in a crocodile skin case



1890 Clay Pipe Commerating Sullivan / Smith Bare-Knuckle Fight
extremely rare piece of sporting memorabilia - great item for your cabinet of curiosities!



Crucifix of White Metal and Ebony
may be continental silver, but no UK hallmarks, hence sold as white metal



Vampire Killing Kit
lovely ornate Edwardian oak cabinet topped with a brass crucifix, sumptuously fitted out in a striking purple to hold all the accoutrements you need for protecting yourself from Vampires



Collection Cut-Throat Razors



Box of Ice Fountains



19th Century Swordstick by Lockwood Brothers
in very nice original condition



Conjoined Piglets



Human Skull



Hannibal Hellmurto's Pickled Ears
from our insane friends at the Circus of Horrors comes what has to be the oddest thing any auction has ever offered!

World-famous record-breaking sword-swallower extraordinaire Hannibal Hellmurto is also known for his extreme and bizarre body modifications... but this time he took it too far! His massively stretched earlobes finally cracked under the pressure and had to be amputated. However, rather than sending them to the hospital incinerator, Hannibal has decided to give one lucky fan the unique opportunity to really own a piece of their favourite freaky circus performer, as he had his lopped-off lobes pickled for posterity!

Human taxidermy of any kind is extremely rare and highly sought-after by secretive collectors. Skulls and bones of the deceased are difficult to come by, but chunks of flesh of a living person are unheard of. Whilst there have been a couple of incidences of people 'selling' an area of their body for someone to add a tattoo, of course the buyer doesn't actually take possession of that skin. This, however, is something altogether different.

As far as we know we are the first auction house to ever sell physical chunks of flesh of a living person that the buyer can take home and proudly display on their mantelpiece next to a photo of the mother-in-law.

If you want truly unique talking point for when the vicar comes round for tea, you'll never beat this!



Garry Stretch's Willy from Circus of Horrors
one of the most famous human 'Freaks' alive today, Guinness World Record holder, and perennial favourite performer in the Circus of Horrors & Dr Haze's Freak Show... many a lady audience member has stretched Garry's willy over the years!

Once again we offer you the most unique chance to acquire a most unique piece of 'Sideshow Freak' memorabilia!

...a good talking point for the mantlepiece?

...and no, we're not going to put the measurements up - you'll have to come along and see for yourselves!



Victorian Cut Glass Salt Cellar & Spoon



2 Vintage Penknives



2 Miniature Carved Wooden Mexican Masks



Silver Celtic Cuff Links



Bat Watch



Tiger Barrel Glass Slides



Vampire Killing Kit
lovely wooden cabinet with ornate metal corners fitted out in blue velvet to securely hold all you need to kill off those pesky Vampires!



Pair Larger Than Life Carved Figures
these collosal carved wooden figures were produced in the 1950s for Butlin's Filey "Beachcomber Bar". The camp closed in 1983 and the figures were sold and placed in a themed nightclub in Derby for a while before it closed in the early 90s, the figured having been in store since then. Now offered for auction for the first time - would look fantastic either side of a bar, stage, entrance to a venue etc., or a real talking point for your home!



Victorian Commode
with pot



Muntjac Deer Head in Glass Jar
preserved in alcohol



Bulls Heart in Glass Jar
preserved in alcohol



Deformed Still-Born Lamb in Glass Jar
preserved in alcohol



Roe Deer Foetus in Glass Jar
preserved in alcohol



Roe Deer Penis in Glass Jar
preserved in alcohol. Wikipedia had a page on Deer Penis, just in case you're curious as to the claimed properties



Doctor's Bags with Contents



Very Rare Herophon Organette
The Herophon was the largest and most sophisticated of the late 19th Century German organettes. Unlike all the other 'disc' format instruments, the Herophon's whole mechanism rotates around the static disc, producing a loud and strident tone. This example is rare in as much as it still retains the stunning lithographic images of German and Austrian composers on the disc table, which are usually badly worn. This instrument has undergone a full and costly overhaul including bellows and reeds and produces an astonishingly clear and musical tone to rival most small barrel organs. Comes with 9 very rare metal reinforced discs. Rare opportunity to acquire one of the most interesting organettes ever made. See the video - please bear in mind it was recorded with a tiny inbuilt microphone which doesn't really do this wonderful instrument justice



Large Antlers